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Join the Leedz

The Leedz is the product of one man, working alone nights and weekends in a small room next to the freeway. I built this tool to help my caricature business and serve every single vendor I've ever met on the job at weddings, birthday parties, church and business events. They all have jobs they can't work and for most users the Leedz is a convenient way to make a couple hundred extra bucks a month. As a B2B networking and marketing tool, however, the sky is the limit. If you can help take this app to the next level as an investor or partner, software developer or marketing, you are invited to Join the Leedz.

Leedz Premium

The Leedz is free for everyone to join. The app charges a service fee 9% of the leed sale price. The pricing is designed for membership growth and to make users feel the app provides meaningful return on the time and advertising investment which generates the surplus leedz they post. As an additional source of revenue, future versions of the Leedz will include a Premium product which provides additional features for a small fee. Premium features might include unlimited trade subscriptions and email notifications when new leedz are posted for sale matching a user's profile. If you have suggestions for premium features that would provide real value to users, please contact us.

Request a New Trade or Feature

The Leedz is a growing system that aims to meet the needs of its vendor community. If you are working a trade that isn't part of the system, write us an email suggesting it and we will add it to the list. If you have a suggestion for a new way to make the app more useful for buyers and sellers, make a feature request. And if you see a leed on the calendar with incomplete or incorrect information, report it and submit the post to a human review. The Leedz is committed to working with its members to build a useful tool that benefits everyone.

Report a Leed

The Leedz relies upon the good-faith of its contributing members. When you post a leed with hidden fields, the buyer must use the information provided, their intuition, and your reputation as a seller in order to trust the booking enough to buy it. Buying a leed is no guarantee you make the sale, but the client contact info and address should be correct. The description and requirements should match the client's request. If you find a leed posted for sale that you don't trust, if it contains errors, looks incomplete, or does not provide sufficient information to purchase, Report it. Reporting a leed does not impact you in any way. Reporting a leed does not immediately take it off the calendar, but initiates a human review process which may result in doing-so. These are the things to look for:

  • No client Email / Phone Number Provided
  • Fake Email / Phone Number
  • No Details about the gig
  • Suspicious Address
  • Start/End Times inappropriate for requested trade

Bug Tracker

The Leedz is in beta and very much still a work in progress. Every day the development team is bullet-proofing the system and designing new features to imrpove the user experience. The Leedz appreciates the contributions of all members in helping to make the system error-free. If something goes wrong and you receive an error message please send us an email describing what happened.

  • Screenshot the page
  • Ctl-Shift-I to view Developer Console Errors
  • Login again and retest

If an error results in incorrect information on the calendar or a system malfunction, report the bug and we will redress any error immediately, including a full refund of the sale price necessary.

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