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Who Am I?

I am a caricature artist performing at private parties, family, school and corporate events across Los Angeles. Over the years I've met many small-business vendors from dj's to hair braiders, who book their services by the hour at a specific location, date and time. No matter the trade, we all share a common problem. It takes a lot of work through advertising and referrals to book any individual date on the calendar. But once booked, we continue to receive requests for that same date. In many cases these are requests we pay for through our advertising channels. Wouldn't it be great to recoup that investment and earn some money on the dates we don't book?

The Leedz provides a way to monetize your unused bookings by selling them off to other vendors. With a few sales a user can quickly build a trusted network of peers with whom to trade. Lower-value booking requests can be sold to less-experienced providers in order to schedule bigger paydays. If you are just getting into a new trade and have yet to build a network of clients, The Leedz provides a convenient job board that lists opportunities you can follow-up on to make your first sale.

The Leedz is a system created by a vendor for other vendors to make money and grow their businesses. Sign-up for free and join a community that is growing as fast as the gig economy.

- Scott Gross
Founder of the Leedz


The Leedz makes it easy to buy and sell booking info. To Buy a leed, subcribe to the trades that match your interests in the User Editor. You can also set a Search Radius to filter the leedz you are shown. Hover over any leed in the calendar to show a thumbnail and click to see the full preview. Some of the booking information, like the client contact, will likely only be shown after the leed is purchased. You can use any credit or debit card to pay for a Leed, as well as Google Pay and your Square account. All payments are securely processed by Square. After purchasing a leed, you will receive a full receipt with all of the booking details.

To Sell a leed, click the green plus and open the Leed Editor. Enter the booking information and describe the opportunity in a way that is easy for buyers to understand. Create confidence that once purchased, this will be an easy sale to make simply by contacting the client, who is looking to book a vendor. Put a price on the leed that you would be willing to pay in order to make the amount on offer from the booking. Click Post Leed to add it to the calendar.

For a more detailed description of all the ways you can use The Leedz to grow your small-business, please visit the How-To page and feel free to Contact us with any questions or ways to improve the product.

Get Paid

You already use Square to swipe cards at bookings. To sell leedz and get paid authorize Square with the Leedz. The Leedz subtracts a 9% service fee on top of the 3% Square fee from a leed's sale price. Sellers receive approximately 88% of the sale price deposited in their Square account.

The Leedz uses Square as a fast, secure payment processor that works on all devices, and accepts all forms of payment including your Square account. The checkout experience, hosted by Square, makes it fast and easy to pay for a leed and have a receipt with the full booking details emailed to you.


User badges are a way to reward vendors for their activity on the Leedz and give buyers confidence in the leedz they see posted. Users earn badges as they reach milestones for leedz posted, bought and sold. When you see a seller who has earned Leedz accolades, you know they are a trusted user of the system.

Privacy & Security

The Leedz uses 128-bit AES encryption to protect your data and leverages the secure SAS infrastructure of Amazon Web Services and Square to process logins and payments. You log into an AWS-hosted UI and your credentials never leave the AWS backend. Sensitive information like your Square authorization is never sent over the network to users, and always stored in encrypted form. Your credit card is processed by Square. We never ask for your physical address, and the information shown in your User Profile is up to you. Any user can at any time request Leedz account deletion, which will revoke Square payment authorization for the app and remove all records of the user in the AWS login database. For more details please read our Privacy and Security Policy document.

Contact Us

The Leedz is growing as fast as the gig economy.

We welcome small-business vendors to sign-up and start building a community of trusted peers working together to grow their businesses. We are looking for software developers and marketing professionals to join the Leedz, and investors wishing to help take it to the next level.
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