Leedz How-To


•    Choose Your Trades
•    Buy a Leed
•    Sell a Leed
•    Get Paid with Square
•    Your Account
•    Edit a Leed
•    Report a Leed
•    Privacy & Security
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Choose Your Trades

The Leedz calendar shows you all the jobs posted for any trade you subscribe to. After sign-up, click your name and edit your User Profile to choose your trades. Each trade is listed with the number of leedz posted and sorted by popularity. Click each radio button to add / remove subscriptions. Currently, new users are limited to six subscriptions at a time. Future Leedz Premium features may include an unlimited number of allowable subscriptions. Make sure to Save your user profile changes before exiting the page and retuning to the calendar.

Don't see your trade? Send us an email and suggest a new trade for the board.

Buy a Leed

Hover over any leed thumbnail on the calendar to reveal the title and time of the booking. Click the leed to show the leed preview. The seller may elect to hide some fields, such as the location service and the requester's contact information. This information will be revealed to the buyer after purchase. Click the Buy button and go directly to Square for a secure checkout experience using your Square account or any credit / debit card. Once you have completed checkout, you will see a receipt page showing the full leed details, which will also be emailed to you. For more details on buying and selling leedz, read the Leedz Terms of Service and Privacy policies.

Sell a Leed

Once you have Authorized Square you may post leedz for sale to other vendors. Each leed you create will be outlined in green on the calendar. Click on the leed to Edit or Delete it. Click the green plus to open the Create Leed page.

Required fields in black are always shown to buyers and must be completed before posting. Fields in green and blue may be hidden or shown by toggling the Finish button. Remember to Finish each field before clicking Post Leed. The leed will appear on the correct date when you return to the calendar. For more details on buying and selling leedz, read the the Leedz Terms of Service and Privacy policies.

Get Paid

You already use Square to swipe cards at bookings. To sell leedz and get paid authorize Square with the Leedz. The Leedz subtracts a 9% service fee on top of the 3% Square fee from a leed's sale price. Sellers receive approximately 88% of the sale price deposited in their Square account.

The Leedz uses Square as a fast, secure payment processor that works on all devices, and accepts all forms of payment including your Square account. The checkout experience, hosted by Square, makes it fast and easy to pay for a leed and have a receipt with the full booking details emailed to you.

Your Account

The User Editor lets you tell other vendors about yourself and your business. Describe yourself in a way that encourages them to trust the leedz you post and want to buy them. Remember to Save Your Changes after editing any field by clicking Finish. This section also enables you to add and remove trade subscriptions by clicking on and off the colored radio buttons. New users are currently limited to a maximum of six trade subscriptions. Future Leedz Premium features may include an unlimited number of allowable subscriptions. In order to buy and sell on the Leedz you must Authorize Square to send and receive money from your account. If you already use Square in your business, just provide your login/password and grant The Leedz permissions. Once you have authorized Square the leedz you sell will be credited to your account, and you can use your Square debit caard or any other payment method to pay. Click Remove to revoke your Square authorization and delete your Leedz account.

Setting a Search Radius limits the leedz you are shown to a geographic region. Only opportunities within the circle will appear on your calendar and those outside will be ignored until the miles are increased.

Edit a Leed

Once you have posted a leed you can update the booking information in the Leed Editor. Editing begins by clicking on a text field and ends by clicking the Finish button on the right. Fields in black like the Title and Start Time will always be shown to buyers. Other fields, like the client Address and Email may be Shown or Hidden from view. Sellers should consider showing just enough information to convince a buyer to purchase the leed, but not so much that the buyer can contact the client independently.

The Leedz is a community of trusted vendors. The integrity of the information provided depends upon the good-faith of its members. Any attempt to post incorrect leed information, or to mislead or misinform buyers in any way may result in removal of the leed info and/or deletion of the seller account. Always endeavor to post the most accurate, useful information possible and Report any leedz that appear otherwise.

Report a Leed

The Leedz relies upon the good-faith of its contributing members. When you post a leed with hidden fields, the buyer must use the information provided, their intuition, and your reputation as a seller in order to trust the booking enough to buy it. Buying a leed is no guarantee you make the sale, but the client contact info and address should be correct. The description and requirements should match the client's request. If you find a leed posted for sale that you don't trust, if it contains errors, looks incomplete, or does not provide sufficient information to purchase, Report it. Reporting a leed does not impact you in any way. Reporting a leed does not immediately take it off the calendar, but initiates a human review process which may result in doing-so. These are the things to look for:

  • No client Email / Phone Number Provided
  • Fake Email / Phone Number
  • No Details about the gig
  • Suspicious Address
  • Start/End Times inappropriate for requested trade

Privacy & Security

The Leedz uses 128-bit AES encryption to protect your data and leverages the secure SAS infrastructure of Amazon Web Services and Square to process logins and payments. You log into an AWS-hosted UI and your credentials never leave the AWS backend. Sensitive information like your Square authorization is never sent over the network to users, and always stored in encrypted form. Your credit card is processed by Square. We never ask for your physical address, and the information shown in your User Profile is up to you. Any user can at any time request Leedz account deletion, which will revoke Square payment authorization for the app and remove all records of the user in the AWS login database. For more details please read our Privacy and Security Policy document.

Contact Us

The Leedz is growing as fast as the gig economy.

We welcome small-business vendors to sign-up and start building a community of trusted peers working together to grow their businesses. We are looking for software developers and marketing professionals to join the Leedz, and investors wishing to help take it to the next level.
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