Terms of Service

Our Lawyers are working on this section.

While they do, the dev team is testing all of the site features to ensure the best, most secure experience for our users. Please check back soon.

The Leedz is in beta and still a work in progress. Users acknowledge that their experience on the app may be affected by software errors, hereafter called 'bugs'. Each day the development team is working to improve the app, implement new features and fix any remaining bugs. Members whose user experience has been negatively affected by a bug are encouraged to Contact the Leedz for a human review of every situation and prompt redress of grievance. Is it possible for a user to 'break' the Leedz? Yes. Any deliberate attempt to do so, to access the account, payment, or booking data outside the standard user interface, or to compromise or subvert the system or its users in any way will result in permanent termination of the offending user's account and removal of all posted content. Membership in the Leedz is granted by the app at its discretion and can be revoked for any reason at any time.

The Leedz is building a community of trusted vendors working together for their businesses. If you are looking to invest in the gig economy and join our growing team, please contact us.