The Leedz is a market for service vendors to trade booking opportunities. Sellers make money on the dates they don't work. Buyers fill their calendars with bookings. Are you starting a new trade? Use The Leedz to find your first gig.

Buy. Sell. Grow your hustle on the Leedz.

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You choose which trades to follow. When a leed is posted to that trade, be the first to buy it and take it off the board. You have all the contact info of the customer who wants your service.

All that's left to do is make the sale.

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You have a great reputation. You pay for advertising. Now you get requests for the same dates over and over. Post that information on The Leedz. Build the market for your trade, and grow a reliable network of colleagues you can sell to in the future.
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Pay and get paid with Square, just like in your business. Buyers can use their cards to pay for leedz.
The money you make from sales goes into your Square account.
The Leedz is in beta and welcomes new members to build a community of trusted vendors working together to grow their businesses. If you are looking to invest in the gig economy and join our growing team, please contact us.
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